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​玄丌| Passange

As a Studio Corelam intern designer, I designed and made a piece of furniture using Corelam’s material.

A storable partition for limited space.

Design feature:

  • Provides a partition for small spaces while also serving as a transition.

  • Passage is a drawer that opens on both sides. In life, many items are difficult to take out when they are pushed inside the drawer. This design can solve this problem.

  • The distance between each drawer is 4cm, the same distance as 1 wave of Corelam. The purpose is to create a closure effect, which is a tendency to complete incomplete or interrupted forms and patterns.

  • The corrugated feature of the Corelam board provides aesthetic appeal and also functions as a drawer slide.

Material: Maple, Corelam Birch Plywood

Drawer Design

Studio Corelam

May 2022 - August 2022

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